Lehman Brothers Holdings’ $767M Mortgage Settlement to Freddie Mac is Approved by Judge

A judge in US bankruptcy court has approved the $767 million mortgage securities settlement reached between Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. and Freddie Mac (FMCC). The deal involves a $1.2 billion claim over two loans made by the mortgage giant to Lehman prior to its collapse in 2008.

As part of the accord, Freddie will provide loan data to the failed investment bank so that Lehman can go after mortgage originators over alleged misrepresentations. Lehman will pay the $767 million in a one-time transaction.

Its bankruptcy was a main trigger to the 2008 global economic crisis. According to Matthew Cantor, chief general counsel of the unwinding estate, the bank has already paid creditors $60 billion, with more payouts.

This settlement comes less than a month after Lehman settled with Fannie Mae (FNMA) over that mortgage firm’s $18.9 billion mortgage-backed securities claim, also related to MBS and mortgage loans that the bank sold to the mortgage giant before the 2008 crisis. Under that deal, Fannie Mae is to get general unsecured claim of $2.15 billion against the estate of the holding company.

Per the terms of Lehman’s Chapter 11 payment plan, Fannie is also getting $537.5 million. This should free up around $5 billion for creditors. Also, Lehman will be able to pay another $400 million as part of among its distribution to creditors. The settlement resolves its dispute with Fannie, which has held Lehman accountable for the loans.

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