$629M Mortgage-Backed Securities Lawsuit Blames RBS Securities and Other Financial Firms For Bankruptcy of Western Corporate Federal Credit Union in 2009

The National Credit Union Administration has filed a $629 million securities fraud lawsuit against RBS Securities, Wachovia Mortgage Loan Trust LLC, Nomura Home Equity Loan Inc., Greenwich Capital Acceptance Inc., Lares Asset Securitization Inc., IndyMac MBS Inc., and American Home Mortgage Assets LLC. The NCUA is accusing the financial firms of underwriting and selling subpar mortgage-backed securities, which caused Western Corporate Federal Credit Union to file for bankruptcy, as well as of allegedly violating state and federal securities laws.

The defendants are accused of misrepresenting the nature of the bonds and causing WesCorp to think the risks involved were low, which was not the case at all. NCUA says that the originators of the securities “systematically disregarded” the Offering Documents’ underwriting standards. The agency blames broker-dealers and securities firms for the demise of five large corporate credit union: WesCorp, US Central, Members United Corporate, Southwest Corporate, and Constitution Corporate.

Last month, NCUA filed separate complaints against JPMorgan Chase Securities and RBS Securities. The union believes that those it considers responsible for the issues plaguing wholesale credit unions should cover the losses that retail credit unions are having to cover. NCUA says it may file up to 10 mortgage-backed securities complaints seeking to recover billions of dollars in damages. As of now, it is seeking to recover $1.5 billion.

NCUA acts as the “liquidating agent” for failed credit unions. Wholesale credit unions provide electronic payments, check clearing, investments and other services to retail credit unions, which actively work with borrowers.

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