National Credit Union Administration Board Files $800M Mortgage-Backed Securities Fraud Lawsuits Against JP Morgan Securities, RBS Securities, and Other Financial Institutions

This week, the National Credit Union Administration Board filed two securities fraud lawsuits accusing a number of financial institutions of misrepresenting the risks involved in the mortgage-securities that they sold to investors. The federal credit union is seeking a combined $800 million.

JP Morgan Securities LLC, Novastar Mortgage Funding Corp, and RBS Securities Inc. are just a few of the defendants, who are accused of committing securities fraud against five wholesale credit unions. Both mortgage-backed securities lawsuits claim that large investment banks sold securities to institutional investors that held subprime loans as Triple-A rated investments. The financial firms allegedly omitted material facts, including that the securities were larded with loans issued to borrowers at high risk of default. The defendants are accused of getting the wholesale credit unions to purchase over $3 billion in mortgage-backed securities that, according to The Wall Street Journal, were “destined to perform poorly.” Subsequently, the credit unions became 5 of the over 40 in the US that have failed since 2009. It has since been up to the approximately 7,000 remaining credit unions to take on some of the loans, while charging higher interest rates to stay in operation. Meantime, the failures of the credit unions have forced NCUA to take on about $50 billion in battered bonds that are currently valued at a fraction of their original value.

When a borrower defaults on a loan payment, the value of the mortgage-backed security suffers. The NCUA’s complaint says that as a result, the credit ratings assigned too many mortgage-backed securities that the credit union purchased collapsed in short order. The NCUA plans to file more securities fraud complaints. Goldman Sachs will likely be among the new defendants.

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National Credit Union Administration

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