MBIA Can Sue Morgan Stanley Over Alleged Misrepresentation of MBS Risks, Says US New York Supreme Court

In MBIA Insurance Corp. v. Morgan Stanley, N.Y. Sup.Ct., No. 29951-10, the New York Supreme Court says that insurance company MBIA can sue Morgan Stanley and affiliates Saxon Mortgage Services Inc. and Morgan Stanley Mortgage Capital Holdings LLC for alleged misrepresentations about the risks involved in insuring residential mortgages that were sold to investors as mortgage-backed securities. While Judge Gerald Loehr allowed MBIA to bring a cause of auction for fraud against the broker-dealer and its affiliates, he did dismiss an unjust enrichment claim against Saxon.

MBIA claims that the defendants made their representations in their talks leading up to the agreement that had the insurer saying it would insure over $223 million in residential MBS that investors bought in the transaction. The alleged misstatements were over the characteristics of the mortgage loans (both pooled and individual), the quality of the collateral for the loans, and borrowers’ credit ratings. The action dealt with the securitization of a transaction involving about 5,000 subordinate-lien residential mortgages that were bought, structured, and sold by the defendants. Morgan Stanley is also accused of representing to MBIA that the mortgage loans weren’t subprime loans but were instead alternative documentation loans.

MSMCH had acquired the mortgage loans and then transferred and pooled them to Morgan Stanley Capital Inc., which then transferred them to a trust that had LaSalle Bank National Association serve as a trustee. The trust put out certificates secured by groups of those mortgages, which were sold, and paid a yield to certificate holders connecting the cash flow to the loans.

Information on Selected Legal Proceedings, MBIA

Read the Opinion, MBIA (PDF)

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