Madoff Trustee Files Securities Lawsuit Against Safra National Bank of New York Seeking to Recover Almost $111.7M for Ponzi Scam Investors

This week, Madoff trustee Irving Picard has filed a securities complaint against Safra National Bank of New York. Picard is seeking to recover about $111.7 millions for the investors who lost money in the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme.

The funds he is trying to get back were allegedly transferred to Safra by a number of Fairfield Greenwich Group funds. Fairfield Greenwich was the largest feeder fund to Madoff’s financial scheme, and Picard says that the commercial banking unit should have or knew about the different irregularities involved in investing through Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities.

In his securities complaint, Picard says that Fairfield Sentry Ltd. made $95.9 million in improper transfers to Safra and that the remaining moneys came from feeder funds Fairfield Sigma Ltd. and two Kingate Management Ltd funds called Kingate Euro Fund Ltd. and Kingate Global Fund Ltd.

In addition to filing the complaint against Safra, which is a unit of a Brazilian private bank, Picard reached a settlement with the liquidators of the Fairfield Greenwich funds, who have agreed to give up claims their investors lost $1 billion. Instead, Picard and the liquidators will join forces to pursue the owners of Fairfield Greenwich. Both parties have agreed to divide future recoveries from an alleged fraud by fund operators and others. Most of the proceeds, however, will go to the Madoff Ponzi scam victims.

Picard has filed over 1,000 securities lawsuits, and he is trying to recover about $100 billion. So far, he has recovered over $7.6 billion, with most of it tied up in litigation.

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Irving H. Picard, Madoff Trustee

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