Anschutz Corp.’s Securities Fraud Lawsuit Against Deutsche Bank and Credit Rating Agencies Over Their Alleged Mishandling of Auction-Rate Securities Can Proceed, Says District Court

The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California says that the auction securities lawsuit filed by Anschutz Corp. against Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. and a number of credit rating agencies can proceed. Anschutz bought DBSI ARS between July 206 and August 2007 through Credit Suisse. The plaintiff is seeking damages and other relief related to the ARS it bought that was underwritten by DBSI, which also served as its broker-dealer.

Anschutz contends that it bought the securities believing that they were liquid because of the DBSI’s deceptive and manipulative activities. The plaintiff claims that by serving as market maker, DBSI ensured that the auctions would be successful as long as it kept supporting the bids. To make the ARS appear liquid, DBSI also allegedly “manipulated the market” by putting in support bids for every auction that the securities were involved in as well as for other ARS for which it was the lead or sole broker-dealer. When DBSI stopped making bids in July 2007, the auctions failed the following month. Anschutz contends that not only did DBSI know this would happen, but also, by acting as the only broker-dealer that could take part in certain securities’ auctions, the financial firm made it seem as if there was enough third party demand and was able to lower the auctions’ interest rates.

Regarding its claims against rating agencies, Anschutz says that the latter relaxed their rating system to get DBSI’s business. The plaintiff contends that the AAA ratings that the agencies issued were misleading and false but knew that was the way to get paid. Anschutz also says that the agencies should have known or knew that DBSI was creating an artificial market for the ARS.

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