Alleged Pump and Dump Stock Manipulation Scam Leads to Indictment of Six, Including a Securities Attorney

An indictment has been unsealed today accusing six people of securities fraud in a stock manipulation scam that bilked investors between 2003 and 2008. The Securities and Exchange Commission has also filed a civil complaint related to this case.

The defendants are securities attorney Michael Simon Krome, Jonathan Randall Curshen, Robert Lloyd Weidenbaum, Ronald Salazar Morales, Izhack Zigdon, and Eric Ariav Weinbaum. They are accused of illegally manipulating stock prices in a pump and dump scam.

Per the indictment, Weinbaum and Zigdon allegedly took charge of the outstanding shares of CO2 Tech, a company that traded in the over-the-counter market through Pink Sheet listings. They are said to have gotten the shares by hiring Krome, who allegedly took action to avoid federal securities registration requirements so that his co-conspirators would get millions of “free-trading” CO2 Tech shares that were unregistered and otherwise could not have been legally obtained. The shares were then allegedly sold to the general public through Sentry Global’s stock trading floor. Curshen was the principal of Sentry Global Securities and Red Sea Management, which are both based on Costa Rica.

Weinbaum and Zigdon are accused of paying Weidenbaum about $1 million to take part in bogus CO2 stock trades to make it seem as if actual investors were purchasing them. False press releases were also allegedly issued to make it seem as if CO2 Tech had substantial business prospects. After “pumping” the market price and demand, the defendants would “dump” the shares by selling them for substantial profit through the Pink Sheet listings. Frequently, these shares were practically worthless.

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