SEC Proposes New Rule to Verify Swap Transactions

Under Rule 15Fi-1, the Securities and Exchange Commission’s proposed rule under the 1934 Securities Exchange Act, certain security-based swap participants and security-based swap dealers would provide counterparties with an electronic “trade acknowledgement” to acknowledge and verify specific security-based swap transactions. The SEC’s proposal comes under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act’s mandate that the commission set up standards for the documentation and confirmation of SBS transactions.

Per the proposal, an SBC entity would have to fulfill the following requirements:
• Depending on how the transaction is executed, give trade acknowledgement within 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 24 hours of execution.

• Electronic processing of security-based transactions for SBS entities that have the capability.

• Written policies and procedures designed to get verification of the terms delineated in the trade acknowledgement.

The proposed rule would specify which SBC entity has to provide trade acknowledgement, let an SBS entity fulfill the requirements of the rule through the processing of the transaction through a registered clearing house, identify which details must be contained in the trade acknowledgement, and for SBS Entities that are also brokers, give limited exemption from the requirements of Rule 10b-10 under the Exchange Act.

Other recent SBS-related rules that the SEC has proposed under the Dodd-Frank Act deal with the mandatory clearing of security-based swap, the defining of security-based swap terms, security-based swap reporting and repositories, security-based swap fraud, and security-based swap conflicts.

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