Class Action Plaintiffs Dispute Bank of America’s $137M Settlement with State Attorney Generals Over Municipal Derivatives

The plaintiffs in a class action case against Bank of America Corp. (BAC) are asking a court to intervene in the securities settlement reached between the investment bank and 20 state attorneys generals over the alleged manipulation of municipal derivatives bids. As part of the global settlement, BofA agreed to pay approximately $137 million: $9.2 million to the Office of the Comptroller of Currency, $36.1 million to the Securities and Exchange Commission, $25 million in restitution to the Internal Revenue Service, and $66.9 million to the states. The plaintiffs claim that the settlement purports to settle the charges of their case without consulting with or notifying the class counsel.

Fairfax County, Va., the state of Mississippi, and other plaintiffs filed the securities class action against 37 banks. They claimed that the alleged bidding manipulation practices involving municipal derivatives had been occurring as far back as 1992.

Now, the plaintiffs want permission to file a motion to request an enjoinment of the BoA global settlement. Meantime, BoA is arguing that the plaintiffs’ motion is “baseless” and they want the court to not allow it. The investment bank says that it disagrees that the states’ settlement resolves the class claims. BoA also contends that it kept Judge Weinstein and the interim class counsel abreast of settlement negotiations with the state.

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